Notes from the Sesame Street Therapy Room (part 2)

The Sesame Street intervention posse has struck again.

The Count was found counting the stones in his castle for the 10th time today and his friends were concerned that perhaps he is taking his love of counting too far.  The Count agreed to talk with a counselor, but insists that he simply LOVES counting and has been living this way happily for centuries.

Count Von Count

  • Hair Color—Black
  • Eyes—Black
  • Age—Unknown
  • Presenting Problem—Counting Compulsion
  • Assessment—The Count has a strong compulsion to count all objects around him and to create songs about what he is counting.  He sometimes speaks to people who are not there and has melded these delusions into his compulsion.  The delusions seems to also spur the compulsion as he insists that he must continue counting to “teach” the “children” he says are watching him.  It is not yet known what disaster he believes may happen if he ceases to count to song, but that will hopefully be discovered during therapy.  We plan to explore his beliefs about being watched to see if he fears some retribution should he stop counting.

Yikes!  Sounds serious–though perhaps some folks on Sesame Street are getting too excited about sending people to counseling 😉

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