New Year, New Blog

I am glad that you have found your way to my blog!  Blogging is everywhere these days and as I began forging my way in the world of counseling I wanted to offer a blog as a way for individuals to obtain helpful thoughts on life and relationships.  I soon realized that this was great–but every other counselor was writing about the same thing!  As I put down the book in my hand to think up a solution I realized that my love of literature might indeed be the answer.  In the world of counseling we often suggest books and movies to our clients that we anticipate will either bring help or illumination to a concept.  I think sometimes people are more open to the lessons of stories because they come to them to find escape and entertainment and then accidentally find help, whereas they may be closed off to other voices of wisdom surrounding their situations.  So, I bring to you my thoughts on life lessons within books, articles, movies, and more as I encounter them, with the hope that you will learn and grow from these observations.  This is not a blog where you will find the “5 steps to better ____” but the lovers of the bullet point may skip to the end of my posts for the provided summaries!  For the story lovers, this blog is designed to bring together my love of literature and my desire to promote healthy relationships both with self and others.

I hope for this to be a place for both depth and fun, so feel free to smile or laugh when you think you should!  Look for posts about once a week (initially), and I hope that you will follow along on this journey!